OST Extractor Pro by USL Software for safe data conversion

ost extractor pro by usl software

The OST Extractor Pro is a necessity for everyone who has their files saved in the ost format. This app can be used to convert the mail files as well as contacts and calendars. All kind of data is unsafe in the ost format which is meant to be used only as a temporary storage format. The clients should convert their ost files into the pst format at the soonest to avoid the dangers of data corruption in the case of attack of virus or malware, in case of abrupt shutdown of system, loss of Exchange account, or hardware failure. The OST Extractor Pro is the best choice for an ost to pst converter since it can deal with a variety of complications without glitches.

ost extractor pro

Speedier conversion with OST Extractor Pro:

The OST Extractor Pro is useful not only for accumulated mail files but also for such components as contacts, calendars, and non-English texts. It has high speed by the standards of a converter app and can convert hundreds of files at once with its batch conversion technology. Apart from faster speed, this app also provides variety in data conversion with its ability to convert and preserve all kinds of texts- non-English languages, double-byte characters, etc. The multiple language scheme is particularly helpful since people receive mails in foreign languages on a regular basis. Also, foreign language students can benefit from this feature and have access to their files unsullied by the conversion process. Files in non-English languages usually end up getting converted into junk if the client uses an ordinary converter app. The users of the OST Extractor Pro do not have to worry about the size of the files either, this app can deal with all sizes of files.

safe data conversion

Safe & Secure Conversion

People unaware of the way storage of files works in offline condition must not have converted their files into a safer format since long. This means that the files get collected in various versions of the ost format. While other apps provide their service only for the latest version of the ost format, the OST Extractor Pro is able to convert files from all versions- from Exchange 5.0 to 2017 to Outlook 2003 to 2016. Unique texts like metadata and headers are kept intact while the conversion. Similarly, the sequence of the files into folders and folders is kept unmoved throughout the process as well.

fast conversion

Fast Conversion with OST Extractor Pro

Data safety is a huge issue with mail conversion apps. If one uses a freeware or tries to handle the task manually, there is always a chance of data corruption. This app however has worked on the different aspects of it and can provide the fastest conversion service without compromising on the safety. Also, its GUI is quite user-friendly and can be operated by anyone without the need of guidance.

Friendly Support

To conclude, the OST Extractor Pro is one of the best service providers and is quite service-oriented. Apart from providing safe and fast conversion service, it also provides helpful client support system. The client can contact the customer care service in case of any confusion or for inquiry and their demand will be taken care of.

ost extractor pro by usl softwareGet OST Extractor Pro today for safe data conversion.


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