Convert Outlook PST / OST to Thunderbird in a Smart Way

ost to thunderbird

Smart Way to Convert Outlook PST / OST to Thunderbird! You need a professional tool for that, and there’s no better than “PST Extractor Pro” and “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software. Whatever you need to get the job done correctly, is offered by this converter.

ost to thunderbird

Convert PST / OST to Thunderbird for Mac and Win

If you have a lot of data to move from Windows Outlook to Thunderbird, or in other words, PST / OST to Thunderbird, you need to avoid the ordinary methods to get this done. Namely, manual methods and any simple file converter that simply convert the extension of files but are not actual solution for a complete email migration.

Many users are attracted towards free online tools or sloppy desktop based tools that can be harmful to data integrity. It’s totally not a smart approach towards email migration task.

And also, if you care about the information inside your Outlook PST / OST files, you should totally avoid any unreliable tools from unknown sources.

So, where to get this reliable, accurate, and a complete email migration utility that works differently than the common file converters? You don’t need to do that. Because we have the perfect one for you.

Tools to Convert PST / OST to Thunderbird

PST Extractor Pro” is the most recommended tool to convert Outlook PST to Thunderbird and “OST Extractor Pro” to convert Outlook OST to Thunderbird. They take care of your information in a smart way, through advanced algorithms and dedicated processing logic for each item, like Unicode text or folder hierarchy or MIME headers. It features a lot of options that you can set according to your preferences, which makes it a utility rather than a simple converter.

convert Outlook PST to Thunderbird

No Worries of data loss

Unicode text character is one of the trickiest information to extract from email files. But this tool has no problem converting them. It also includes non-English characters like that of Chinese and Japanese (they are difficult because they use double-byte characters instead of single-byte, as in ASCII standard).

convert outlook ost to thunderbird

Simple & Easy

It has a simple interface, simple enough to make any beginner use it to the best of its ability. You don’t need any tutorial or to go through any technical explanation what everything means. This is the biggest deal with the tools because more often than not. Email migration can take up a lot of your time because of the complexity involved. You need to know all about data files, profile database folder, and so on. But here, you simply point and click and you will be done in no time.

convert ost to thunderbird

There’s also an automatic conversion option for contacts and calendar data to VCF and ICS files respectively. Where these file formats are the most common and generic type of files that you can import to many programs.

PST Extractor Pro” and “OST Extractor Pro” can convert more than just Outlook PST / OST to Thunderbird; they also allow converting PST / OST files to Apple Mail, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX, EML and OST to PST files.

convert pst to thunderbird

Get them for Converting PST / OST to Thunderbird

And as it is coming straight from USL Software, the renowned name behind many successful email migration software solutions. You don’t need to worry about any support or reliability. For any assistance you may require, there’s 24 x7 tech support that will help you instantly.

There’s also free updates for the tool for the lifetime after the initial purchase. And you can buy it using several licenses depending on how many machines you want to install it into. But if you are not feeling confident yet, get the free trial setup here.

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To convert Microsoft Outlook PST to Thunderbird and OST to Thunderbird, try “PST Extractor Pro” and “OST Extractor Pro” respectively.

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