Convert Apple Mail to PST Using ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

apple mail to pst

Convert Apple Mail to PST Using ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘, A Tool With the Best Features, Interface, and Support!

Best Tool to Convert Apple Mail to PST

Mail Extractor Pro” is the best solution that is out there to convert email data from various email clients and files to PST format for Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook. This article focuses on one of its functions and that is to convert Apple Mail to PST, but if you want, you can also convert:

  1. Apple Mail identity, main database to PST
  2. Apple Mail mailbox archive database to PST
  3. Thunderbird to PST
  4. Postbox to PST
  5. MBOX files to PST

convert apple mail to pst

Simple, But Powerful

The tool avoids the trap that generic tools often fail for. It has a sophisticated data-extraction system (including algorithms and logic) that handles the complex items inside email data. It has multiple options and controls that allow for flexibility in large projects, usually in a corporate environment. And to top it all, it has a simple interface that enables efficient interact with all of its features.

Auto Load Apple Mail Database

Most generic Apple Mail to PST converters require some data files like EMLX or MBOX files. And that’s where “Mail Extractor Pro” truly shines. It can convert MBOX to PST, but to convert Apple Mail data, it has a special feature that improves accuracy, feasibility, and speed substantially. To convert your Apple Mail database, you can choose the complete database and load it to the tool, as opposed to fiddling with EMLX or other raw data files.

Accurate Conversion

By doing that, the tool exhibits impressive level of precision over the data integrity. Much more complex items like headers, non-English text or Unicode content, MIME defined emails, and more are easily converted without losing the details, and where ordinary tools would fail miserably. You will never find anything missing or not at its original structure/location in output PST files.

All these sophistication is complemented by the simplicity that the interface has to offer. By minimizing unnecessary manual actions and through impressive abstraction of processes, the tool manages to present a very basic and natural to use interface. Even the total beginners can effectively convert Apple Mail to PST without even having a little understanding of the technical things behind email migration.

Finally, the support that backs up “Mail Extractor Pro” adds another dimension to the efficiency and ease of use that is not possible with other software applications. There is often a missing link with many solutions that is exaggerated by no support of any kind. Fortunately, “Mail Extractor Pro” doesn’t suffer from the same drawback.

Try it to Convert Apple Mail to PST

Email migration can be intimidating. But the lazily built converters or incorrect implementation of data extraction algorithms make it even worse. Try “Mail Extractor Pro” that completely overhauls the paradigm towards this process.

Download Now at

You can get a trial version to see it for yourself. The licensing packages can later activate it to the full version.

Trial version doesn’t restrict users to any features, it just limits the conversion to ten items per folders, which makes a perfect structure for them to inspect the tool’s performance up close.

To convert Apple Mail to PST file format, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.


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