Information to import Apple Mail Database in Outlook with success

apple mail database in outlook

Apple mail can be easily imported in Outlook. The process is very simple and easy.  However, the presence of unreliable methods and tools has tarnished its image. Importing Apple Mail database in Outlook can be executed with the help of just one simple but professional tool. IT does not require much. And the ultimate choice for this in the recent months has been Mail Extractor Pro.

Import Apple Mail Database in Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro is a simple and profound tool which can help you immensely in converting all Apple mail database to PST format in the shortest time possible. The tool does it all. It not only converts Apple mail but also preserves its folder arrangement. It is simple to use but can convert in bulk too.

Import Apple Mail Database in Outlook

Let’s get a little deeper into details:- 

Simple to use

Mail Extractor Pro has a simplistic design but profound goal. The tool can be easily used by anyone who does not have any prior knowledge of Mail Extractor Pro or the process of Apple mail to PST.  This is very helpful to large corporations as no time is wasted in training employees and briefing them about this new tool. Every employee is empowered by the tool itself.

Plus, the tool is fully automatic which does not let customers feel even a tinge of complexity of the task of importing Apple Mail database in Outlook. Due to this feature companies love to buy Mail Extractor Pro. Employees usually enjoy Apple mail MBOX to PST Conversion with the help of this tool.

Bulk conversions

Bulk conversion is another area in which the importance of Mail Extractor Pro for companies multiplies. The tool can convert any size of Apple mail database very easily. Mail Extractor Pro is respected not just for this feature but also because of its ability to not dilute the speed or quality of conversion in the quest to achieve this feature.

Companies can utilize this feature in many ways and in many scenarios. It can really use a quick and thorough conversion of its entire Apple mail database when required urgently. With the accurate and safe bulk conversion feature of Mail Extractor Pro, it will not have to worry about the fate of its database. It can utilize this feature while opening a new unit in some other part of the world where it will need Outlook.  All in all, customers really find this feature of Mail Extractor Pro very useful.

Importing Apple Mail Database in Outlook

Evaluation copy to Import Apple Mail Database in Outlook

A suitable evaluation copy has been provided by USL software which helps customers to decide the tool’s worth for them.

Try it here:


The starting price is $49. Choose perfect plan for you.

Small Business License – This small business license is available only for $199. There are a lot of benefits to using this version since it offers unlimited conversions for up to 50 units. This license comes with free support and free updates for life.

Enterprise license –this license is for large corporations which need the service for more than 100 units of usage for employees. They can easily buy this license only for $599. This license can be installed on unlimited systems and multiple locations. All extended features are included in this package and support with updates are totally free.

Download Mail Extractor Pro for free right now to import MBOX to Outlook 2019 for Mac & Windows.

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