All You Need To Know About PostBox to PST Conversion

Convert Postbox to Outlook

If you have been looking to change your post box domain you must be coming across the word PST files. Here is an insight about postbox to PST conversion.

Why is PostBox to PST conversion Important?

Whenever you want to convert your client domain such as Postbox, Thunderbird, Mbox etc you have to first convert the file into PST file. The conversion of above said domains cannot directly take place into Outlook windows or Mac. Reason being you have to convert the files that are in Postbox format into PST format to make the conversion happen.

Why do we convert Postbox to PST format?

Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook does not support Postbox file format. It only accepts PST format files. Hence when you look forward to having your post box domain converted into PST you need a tool. This is what Postbox to PST conversion is all about.

This is the best tool to export Postbox to PST format without risk

The tool that can efficiently help you out in converting your postbox file format into PST file is the Mail Extractor Pro. The Mail Extractor Pro is developed by USL software. It has many features that help it convert the postbox file into PST file with ease and without any data loss.

Postbox to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is designed to convert Postbox, MBOX files, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

User friendly interface

One of the key features that all of us usually look for in all the tools is the user interface. The user interface of this software is really user-friendly and self-intuitive. This means one does not need to have a detailed knowledge of the tools that he is using. It guides the users through the software taking the user through each and every step and reducing the manual work.

No limitation of file size

If you know about the PST files you must know it is very difficult to upload the large PST files to Outlook. Many of the users on the internet have reported that large PST files cause a problem when being uploaded to Outlook. The mail extractor Pro gives you the option to limit the length and size of your output PST files. This way if you have a large database that is to be handled you can limit the output size of the PST files.

No lags or errors

This software does not freeze like other software and tools available in the market. Neither does it cause any data loss in the process of conversion of files from Postbox format to PST. This software is said to be excellent in handling large database and in the conversion of metadata and complex data files. This is how you get 100% safe Postbox to PST conversion.

Get a free trial to find out more

If you do not want to go for the purchased version you can also try the free trial version. All you need to do is download the Mail Extractor Pro. Once you have downloaded the Mail Extractor Pro simply install the tool on your desktop or laptop.

Postbox to PST Converter

How does the Postbox to PST conversion process go?

Select the file format that is post box. Once done click on the folders that you want to convert into PST file. In the next step, you need to select the output PST file size and click on auto-load. Once you click on auto-load the files will start to convert into PST format.

Postbox to PST Conversion

You can see the progress in the log. Once the conversion is completed you will get a dialogue box with the option to see the full report. Once you are satisfied with the download you can save the output PST file on your desktop. After all the above steps are done you simply need to import the PST file to windows outlook or Mac. This is how Postbox to PST conversion works.

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