Cannot Open OST File in Outlook? There is a Surprisingly Quick Solution.

ost file in outlook

Cannot open ost file in Outlook? Here is solution for you that you can open or import OST data into both Mac Outlook as well as Windows Outlook.

Outlook Data File

OST and PST are both Outlook data files. But while, the latter can be used for personal data tasks like importing/exporting and backup, the former is not suitable for that. OST is an internal file and you cannot use it with Outlook for any of those tasks. It’s function is to let the data sync to servers when internet is there and still let you access data in offline mode.

So, technically speaking, you cannot open OST file in Outlook because the feature is not supported. But…that does not mean the data in OST file is forever stuck inside inaccessible files.

There is a surprisingly quick and smart solution to this.

Here It is, If You Cannot Open OST file in Outlook

You can convert files from OST to PST but the way that will end for you depends heavily on the converter you choose. There are many OST files to PST converter but most do not work aptly and not suitable for all kinds of conversion tasks.

“OST Extractor Pro” was developed different. It brings a quick and methodical approach to this task, such that anyone can pick it up and start without any efforts. The tool is hailed as the best OST to PST converter by many experts in the industry and the only right way to import data in OST files to Outlook.

cannot open ost file in outlook

Preserve & Convert Your Data Accurately

The tool has a precise set of algorithms that process the contents without flaws or errors. It does not compromise the finer details like formatting of text, structure of folders, MIME headers, or any graphical content, or other such details. This data accuracy is why the advanced users with business-related content.

Also, there has been a lot of unease during such tasks about the non-English text characters, especially the ones encoded in double-byte. Most converters deal with all text in a similar manner, which might lead to escaping of some languages such as Chinese or Japanese or other DBCS variants. Only ‘OST Extractor Pro’ has customized rules to handle them.

So if you have non-English content in your database, do not worry. This converter won’t compromise the integrity of your emails’ texts.

open ost file in outlook

Some More Features

Some more elemental features of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ that can make a huge difference in your experience and are lacking with other solutions:

  • Quick installation without manual configuration
  • Standalone: works locally without internet connection and requires no other third-party utility/addon
  • comes with tech support
  • Available in standard (stuiable for home use), small scale, and Enterprise licenses
  • Also has a free trial version

Get it & Open OST file in Outlook for Mac & Win

USL Software has been at the forefront of setting the standard of such email migration tools. They have yet again proven with “OST Extractor Pro” why it is the most trusted source and why professionals prefer them.

open OST in Outlook

Grab your own free trial copy. It will take less than two minutes to download, install, and firing it up. You will realize it is the perfect and most seamless way to open OST file in Outlook.

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