Apple Mail MBOX to PST Migration – A Quick & Professional Way!

apple mail mbox

Apple Mail MBOX is a format used for storing emails and other items. MBOX is commonly employed by many software and services for storing emails and the format has become a standard since.

PST, on the other hand, only works with Windows and Mac Outlook (only for importing). Open-format but proprietary file by Microsoft, it is the only file you can bring to use if you want to import data in Outlook.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Migration

Considering both passages above, one thing is clear. If you need to move Apple Mail MBOX to PST, you need to somehow convert the format of MBOX to PST. Merely renaming the extension manually does nothing. What you need is a converter that can extensively process the contents from MBOX to PST. That gives you a clear path forward for data import.

There’s only one problem with that. Internet is filled with these third-parties Apple Mail MBOX to PST converters and most of them are not safe for your important emails and the integrity of the information. These converters often yield inaccurate results, like broken structure, missing graphics, damaged emails text formatting, and so on.  Such flaws turn the task into a burden for most and the only goal of moving emails from MBOX into PST format becomes challenging.

What if there is a simple way to proceed with this task?

Luckily, there is now a truly proficient software solution that works with your files in a methodical, quick, and accurate way. It is ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ and is available for free trial today.

apple mail mbox to pst

Mail Extractor Pro’ brings calibrated, tuned, and precise algorithms to handle the complexity of Apple Mail MBOX files. It manages to keep all the details and metadata intact during the transition. What you get in the end in form of PST files. It is an exact replica of the original MBOX, including the structure of folders.

Moreover, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ also provides much needed comfort for users with non-English content in their databases. Most traditional tools only support converting ASCII text in the mail headers. Other languages that might use double-byte to encode a single character and other special characters can be lost during data export. This flaw too is now history, easing the process for non-English content.

mbox to pst

One important thing to note:

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ can easily and accurately convert MBOX files to PST and not just from Apple Mail. It can convert MBOX from all other input sources too, such as from Google Takeout download file. In fact, if your only objective is to migrate the Mac Mail data to Outlook PST format, the tool features another exceptionally important and better method. Instead of MBOX files, you can let the tool auto-load the main Apple Mail database known was Profile. This works in your favor both in terms of speed and accuracy. Not to mention, saves you from a lot of multiple and unnecessary steps of archiving emails to MBOX.

But if you have Apple Mail MBOX files (and not the main Profile directory or any backup Profiles), converting MBOX to PST will also work equally fine for you.

migrate apple mail mbox to pst

Get it to migrate Apple Mail MBOX to PST

To know more, download ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ here. You can directly use it in a trial mode at no cost after installing. In trial mode, the only restriction being that it converts only ten emails per folder. It is also allowing you to freely evaluate other functions.

Where most tools fail to merely convert emails without freezing or crashing, let alone do it while safeguarding the integrity and metadata, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ succeeds in all areas. It allows you to move contents from Apple Mail MBOX to PST in a methodical, quick, and professional way.

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