Apple Mail Export to PST Conversion on Mac OS X

apple mail export to pst conversion

To efficiently  convert Apple Mail Export to PST requires the users to choose a software capable of the task. An ordinary software would not be able to carry the task or leave it incomplete or even damage the data. Mail data is vulnerable and confidential, so you should hand it only to trustworthy hands.

The Apple Mail Export to PST Conversion Tool

Mail Extractor Pro by USL software is capable of providing the best service in Apple Mail Export to PST conversion. Thanks to several inbuilt and technologically advanced features that it has.

Apple Mail Export to PST

User-friendly and intuitive interface

Every person will feel comfortable using this software to convert Apple Mail Export to PST. Even if it is their first attempt at it, thanks to the user-friendly interface. It guides the users thoroughly. The users are supposed just to follow a few steps to get the task done. All they have to do it to install this in their device. It will auto-select the entire mail database, then the user has to select those files they want to convert. A command to ‘convert’ is all the user needs to do, the conversion will begin on its own.

Converts data directly in the mac

To make sure that the users have to face the least amount of trouble during conversion, this software enables direct conversion in the mac itself. So, one is not required to first transfer the data to windows for successful Apple Mail Export to PST conversion, as ordinarily one would have to. Needless to say, this makes the conversion process quite simple and easy exactness.

Compatible with double-byte characters

This software flawlessly converts Apple Mail to Outlook files that are in english. It has the same approach to unique languages too. For instance, languages like chinese, korean and japanese use double-byte characters, this software ensures that the contents of files in such languages remains intact.

Adept at fast Apple Mail Export to PST conversion

If you do not want to spend a major chunk of your day converting Apple Mail to PST then this software must be in your priority list. It makes sure that you spend the minimum amount of time possible on the conversion by using the bulk conversion trick. Using it, it lets you convert vast numbers of files in a single batch. This saves time and also the users from boredom.

Preserves metadata and folder structure

Metadata contains small but vital details like subject, data, read/unread status, so this software makes sure that all of it remains intact till the end of the conversion.

It even preserves the hierarchy of the folders, so you would not have to waste any time searching for any file. They are arranged in the proper hierarchical order.

Auto-splits large PST files

PST files that are too large in size  can be nuisance, that is why this software allows you to decide their size as it splits them into smaller one. The recommend files of size is as big as 15 GB.

export apple mail to pst

Click on the link to access this service now. A free demo version is also available.

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