Email conversion was never this easy, the solution is here!

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Email conversion is now possible for everyone, without hassle for even those who are not adept at technology. Mail Extractor Pro by USL software has been modelled to provide mail conversion that is fast and accurate, and requires minimal intervention from the users. The conversion is quite simple, can be carried in the mac itself. One can try it out without payment, the link for the full version is available below.

email conversion

Minimize your troubles with this email converter

For the migration of data from Apple Mail to PST there do not have to be several experts at work, you can get it done at your own pace and with convenience. Begin by installing this software in your device and then launching it. Then it will select the apple mail database, it ignores the empty folders automatically, you can select those folders that you want to convert. Then, the user can also determine the size of the folders in case they are too large. After choosing the location for the storage of the output files one can send the command for the conversion, result would be produced immediately.

A shorter method for Email conversion more effective than this one does not exist

The Apple Mail Export to PST conversion is always fast and accurate with this software, the fact that it works directly in the mac contributes to that. As there is no need to move the data to mac and to convert the input files to MBOX archive, a lot of time is saved.

Another factor which saves time during the conversion is the bulk conversion feature. Now the user does not have to be involved in the manual email conversion of files one by one. They can instead convert several files at once. This method is, needless to say a time-saver and also saves the users from exhaustion.

Relevant for all types of data

There is no data this software cannot handle and no folder it cannot process. In fact, it is made to be Unicode compatible, so converting files that utilize double-byte characters requires no extra efforts. Safely convert files in languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese with the guarantee of them turning out intact.

Keeps metadata intact

Mail files contain several small details, from date and subject to read/unread status. During mail conversion there is always a heavy chance of them being either damaged or misplaced. No such thing happens here, it makes sure that all metadata remains safe and at its proper location.

This service applies to attachments and nested messages too. Even if the messages are nested deeply or the attachment complex, this software preserves them and keeps them intact thoroughly during the Apple Mail Export to PST conversion.

Safe for folder hierarchy

This software also makes sure that the folders and subfolders are arranged in the proper order. Finding out any file would not take much time thus.

email converter

These features can be you with a single click on the download icon, find the link below. A free demo version is also available.

Download at

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