Knock your OLM to MBOX Conversion out of the park with this converter tool!

OLM to MBOX conversion is a process that nobody looks forward to. The process of moving your data under immense pressure of losing it if even a small little thing goes wrong isn’t something that any user wants to go through. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the process. You need to go through it. It is the fastest way to move your data. Rather than procrastinating the process, you should be looking to take it on.

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Email conversion was never this easy, the solution is here!

Email conversion is now possible for everyone, without hassle for even those who are not adept at technology. Mail Extractor Pro by USL software has been modelled to provide mail conversion that is fast and accurate, and requires minimal intervention from the users. The conversion is quite simple, can be carried in the mac itself. One can try it out without payment, the link for the full version is available below.

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Apple Mail Export to PST Conversion on Mac OS X

To efficiently  convert Apple Mail Export to PST requires the users to choose a software capable of the task. An ordinary software would not be able to carry the task or leave it incomplete or even damage the data. Mail data is vulnerable and confidential, so you should hand it only to trustworthy hands.

The Apple Mail Export to PST Conversion Tool

Mail Extractor Pro by USL software is capable of providing the best service in Apple Mail Export to PST conversion. Thanks to several inbuilt and technologically advanced features that it has.

Apple Mail Export to PST

User-friendly and intuitive interface

Every person will feel comfortable using this software to convert Apple Mail Export to PST. Even if it is their first attempt at it, thanks to the user-friendly interface. It guides the users thoroughly. The users are supposed just to follow a few steps to get the task done. All they have to do it to install this in their device. It will auto-select the entire mail database, then the user has to select those files they want to convert. A command to ‘convert’ is all the user needs to do, the conversion will begin on its own.

Converts data directly in the mac

To make sure that the users have to face the least amount of trouble during conversion, this software enables direct conversion in the mac itself. So, one is not required to first transfer the data to windows for successful Apple Mail Export to PST conversion, as ordinarily one would have to. Needless to say, this makes the conversion process quite simple and easy exactness.

Compatible with double-byte characters

This software flawlessly converts Apple Mail to Outlook files that are in english. It has the same approach to unique languages too. For instance, languages like chinese, korean and japanese use double-byte characters, this software ensures that the contents of files in such languages remains intact.

Adept at fast Apple Mail Export to PST conversion

If you do not want to spend a major chunk of your day converting Apple Mail to PST then this software must be in your priority list. It makes sure that you spend the minimum amount of time possible on the conversion by using the bulk conversion trick. Using it, it lets you convert vast numbers of files in a single batch. This saves time and also the users from boredom.

Preserves metadata and folder structure

Metadata contains small but vital details like subject, data, read/unread status, so this software makes sure that all of it remains intact till the end of the conversion.

It even preserves the hierarchy of the folders, so you would not have to waste any time searching for any file. They are arranged in the proper hierarchical order.

Auto-splits large PST files

PST files that are too large in size  can be nuisance, that is why this software allows you to decide their size as it splits them into smaller one. The recommend files of size is as big as 15 GB.

export apple mail to pst

Click on the link to access this service now. A free demo version is also available.

OST to MBOX Conversion, The solution that meets all the needs!

Needs of OST to MBOX conversion can be a little overwhelming. The data involved, the technicalities of the process, the risk, all of it comes together when you try to carry out the conversion process. To manage all of these necessities together may not always result in your favour. To ensure that everything goes your way, you’ll need help. And the help comes in the form of converter tools. Read on to find more on the conversion process and how to get the best out of it.

All you need to know about OST to MBOX Conversion

OST to MBOX Conversion is the process of migrating your data from OST files to MBOX. OST and MBOX in this case are different file formats that supports different email clients. The OST is a file for Outlook for storage and manipulation of data. It is the file responsible for syncing up the data with the server when the connection comes back online.

MBOX does the similar work to as that of OST files. It is widely used by email clients running on MacOS side of things. It is compatible with most email clients running on the same platform. The only problem with this conversion process is that there is no direct way of transferring the data.

Since OST files aren’t personal storage files, therefore, they cannot be directly used for data transfer. Thus, the need of the conversion process arises.

The best way to carry out OST to MBOX Conversion

All the challenges associated with your OST to MBOX Conversion can be side stepped with the use of right conversion solution. OST Extractor Pro from USL software is the best solution for your conversion process. The tool has the perfect combination of all the right features that help you in overcoming all the conversion problems you had in past.

ost to mbox conversion

The tool helps you to export OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

It is well equipped to deal with any problems that might come up. Thus, providing you with a complete and safe conversion solution.

Retains the folder hierarchy during your OST to MBOX Conversion process

Most conversion solutions used for carrying out OST to MBOX conversion fail to retain the folder hierarchy of the input files. This results in output files with messed up folder structures. This can make finding the required data post the conversion process harder.

Carrying out the post conversion operations on this messed up folder structure can become very hard. But this converter tool solves this problem for you. The tool retains the folder hierarchy of the input files during the conversion process.

This gives the output file produced an exactly similar structure and allows you to manipulate the data post conversion easily.

Best interface in the business

The interface of this converter tool is best in the business. It not only allows you carry out everything smoothly but also helps you through it.

The interface of the tool only shows what requires for the job. Plus, it even offers a detailed step by step guide to help you with your OST to MBOX Conversion.

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ost to mbox

Download the free trial copy of the tool today and have a closer look at more features like this.

Nullify causes that make EML to PST migration difficult!

There can be a variety of problems in EML to pst migration, some inherent in the process itself and some caused by the choice of software. You can always deal with the latter, and Mail Extractor Pro is sure to provide to you respite from the former. This software has accomplished a place among the most reliable software ever with its features focused on the users’ needs.

Aim for the best output in EML to PST migration

This software assures you against any kind of difficulty in EML to PST migration, you just have to trust it. This software is secure against the possibilities of damage as it takes strict against all of those. Also, it excels at providing a comfortable experience in mail conversion. What makes it a universal choice is its capacity to process all kinds of data without causing damage to them. It can be used for a variety of purposes in relation to mail conversion. Below we have given short description of the special features of this software. You can read them by spending a few minutes or directly experience it by downloading the free trial version of it.

EML to PST Migration

The tool can also convert Apple Mail, MBOX, Postbox and Thunderbird to PST.

Interface that guides you in the entire mail conversion process

The EML to PST migration process does not have to turn into a test of your technical knowledge. Literally even a child can convert data using this software. One is supposed just to follow the instructions provided by the interface and they will be good to go. The instructions provided are quite easy to follow and minimal. Just going by the steps one at a time would be sufficient to provide you with the results you want automatically within a few minutes.

Spend much lesser time in EML to PST migration

You can carry EML to PST migration in much lesser time than your colleagues using this software. As this software auto-selects the entire database at once, one saves time from repeatedly selecting one file at a time. Another factor adding to the speed of the process is the ability of this software to convert data directly in the mac. Also, the facility of bulk conversion lets one convert multiple files at once.


100% safety to all sorts of data

The users of this software do not have to be concerned about the safety of their data. During EML to PST migration not even a single data bit gets damaged or misplaced. This software even makes sure that all component of the mails remain intact. It preserves the attachments, other small metadata like cc, bcc, read/unread status etc. The hierarchy of the folders is also kept safe automatically.

Adding to it is the fact that this software is free of bugs and malware. You can install it without fearing it affecting it your device.

migrate eml to pst

Get the EML to PST converter for Mac version of this software in the link below. If you find it as good as its claims then you can download the complete version or just upgrade to it.

No better Thunderbird to PST Converter than this one!

There is nothing better than a modern updated Thunderbird to PST Converter to make your data migration easier and efficient. The process of data migration involves layered and detailed conversion of data. Only an efficient converter tool is capable of providing you with all the essential abilities to get the job done. This article talks about the best converter tool that you can get your hands and improve your conversion process better.

Professional Thunderbird Converter tools are the answer

When it comes to finding the right answer to your data migration problems, professional converter tools top the list. These tools are the inventions that have turned the process of email migration on its head.

They offer you technical edge over the usual manual methods of conversion. These software utilities are what you need to get the job done effectively. But choosing the right Thunderbird to PST Converter is as essential as the conversion process itself.

Searching the internet for a converter tool will give you so many options that you are bound to get confused. Many substandard conversion solutions present in the market have just increased the number of options and confusion for the user at the expense of quality.

These solutions may promise you everything but fail to deliver the required quality. You may end up damaging your data rather than solving your conversion problems.

The Thunderbird to PST Converter that checks all the boxes

Mail Extractor Pro is the most reliable and quality proficient Thunderbird to PST Converter in the market. The tool is a product of the leading innovators in email conversion business, USL Software.

It can also convert MBOX to PST, Apple Mail & Postbox to Outlook PST.

The tool lives up to the high standards set by the innovators and delivers a powerful performance. The mix of features that the tool provides ensures that you have enough for all the aspects of your conversion process. Thus, making it an all-round solution.

thunderbird to pst converter

Batch Conversion makes it better

The tool provides you with the feature of batch conversion. This feature allows you to convert more than one files in a single sitting.

The feature comes in very handy when you have large databases to handle. You don’t have to sit through and repeat the process for all the files one by one. All you need to do is select all the files that you want to convert. Then the tool converts all the selected files in a single go.

This feature provided by this Thunderbird to PST converter not only increases the efficiency of the conversion process but also speeds it up ensuring that you don’t have to wait for too long.

thunderbird converter

It is very easy to use

The interface of this converter tool is something that you don’t usually find in a Thunderbird to PST Converter. The interface of the tool is very intuitive in design and working. It is clean and easy to use.

It provides you with all the support required to get the best out of your conversion process. This includes a step by step guide that guides you through the entire conversion process.

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Thunderbird to PST

Download the free trial of the tool to try out all the features provided by the tool.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Migration – A Quick & Professional Way!

Apple Mail MBOX is a format used for storing emails and other items. MBOX is commonly employed by many software and services for storing emails and the format has become a standard since.

PST, on the other hand, only works with Windows and Mac Outlook (only for importing). Open-format but proprietary file by Microsoft, it is the only file you can bring to use if you want to import data in Outlook.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Migration

Considering both passages above, one thing is clear. If you need to move Apple Mail MBOX to PST, you need to somehow convert the format of MBOX to PST. Merely renaming the extension manually does nothing. What you need is a converter that can extensively process the contents from MBOX to PST. That gives you a clear path forward for data import.

There’s only one problem with that. Internet is filled with these third-parties Apple Mail MBOX to PST converters and most of them are not safe for your important emails and the integrity of the information. These converters often yield inaccurate results, like broken structure, missing graphics, damaged emails text formatting, and so on.  Such flaws turn the task into a burden for most and the only goal of moving emails from MBOX into PST format becomes challenging.

What if there is a simple way to proceed with this task?

Luckily, there is now a truly proficient software solution that works with your files in a methodical, quick, and accurate way. It is ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ and is available for free trial today.

apple mail mbox to pst

Mail Extractor Pro’ brings calibrated, tuned, and precise algorithms to handle the complexity of Apple Mail MBOX files. It manages to keep all the details and metadata intact during the transition. What you get in the end in form of PST files. It is an exact replica of the original MBOX, including the structure of folders.

Moreover, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ also provides much needed comfort for users with non-English content in their databases. Most traditional tools only support converting ASCII text in the mail headers. Other languages that might use double-byte to encode a single character and other special characters can be lost during data export. This flaw too is now history, easing the process for non-English content.

mbox to pst

One important thing to note:

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ can easily and accurately convert MBOX files to PST and not just from Apple Mail. It can convert MBOX from all other input sources too, such as from Google Takeout download file. In fact, if your only objective is to migrate the Mac Mail data to Outlook PST format, the tool features another exceptionally important and better method. Instead of MBOX files, you can let the tool auto-load the main Apple Mail database known was Profile. This works in your favor both in terms of speed and accuracy. Not to mention, saves you from a lot of multiple and unnecessary steps of archiving emails to MBOX.

But if you have Apple Mail MBOX files (and not the main Profile directory or any backup Profiles), converting MBOX to PST will also work equally fine for you.

migrate apple mail mbox to pst

Get it to migrate Apple Mail MBOX to PST

To know more, download ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ here. You can directly use it in a trial mode at no cost after installing. In trial mode, the only restriction being that it converts only ten emails per folder. It is also allowing you to freely evaluate other functions.

Where most tools fail to merely convert emails without freezing or crashing, let alone do it while safeguarding the integrity and metadata, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ succeeds in all areas. It allows you to move contents from Apple Mail MBOX to PST in a methodical, quick, and professional way.

Cannot Open OST File in Outlook? There is a Surprisingly Quick Solution.

Cannot open ost file in Outlook? Here is solution for you that you can open or import OST data into both Mac Outlook as well as Windows Outlook.

Outlook Data File

OST and PST are both Outlook data files. But while, the latter can be used for personal data tasks like importing/exporting and backup, the former is not suitable for that. OST is an internal file and you cannot use it with Outlook for any of those tasks. It’s function is to let the data sync to servers when internet is there and still let you access data in offline mode.

So, technically speaking, you cannot open OST file in Outlook because the feature is not supported. But…that does not mean the data in OST file is forever stuck inside inaccessible files.

There is a surprisingly quick and smart solution to this.

Here It is, If You Cannot Open OST file in Outlook

You can convert files from OST to PST but the way that will end for you depends heavily on the converter you choose. There are many OST files to PST converter but most do not work aptly and not suitable for all kinds of conversion tasks.

“OST Extractor Pro” was developed different. It brings a quick and methodical approach to this task, such that anyone can pick it up and start without any efforts. The tool is hailed as the best OST to PST converter by many experts in the industry and the only right way to import data in OST files to Outlook.

cannot open ost file in outlook

Preserve & Convert Your Data Accurately

The tool has a precise set of algorithms that process the contents without flaws or errors. It does not compromise the finer details like formatting of text, structure of folders, MIME headers, or any graphical content, or other such details. This data accuracy is why the advanced users with business-related content.

Also, there has been a lot of unease during such tasks about the non-English text characters, especially the ones encoded in double-byte. Most converters deal with all text in a similar manner, which might lead to escaping of some languages such as Chinese or Japanese or other DBCS variants. Only ‘OST Extractor Pro’ has customized rules to handle them.

So if you have non-English content in your database, do not worry. This converter won’t compromise the integrity of your emails’ texts.

open ost file in outlook

Some More Features

Some more elemental features of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ that can make a huge difference in your experience and are lacking with other solutions:

  • Quick installation without manual configuration
  • Standalone: works locally without internet connection and requires no other third-party utility/addon
  • comes with tech support
  • Available in standard (stuiable for home use), small scale, and Enterprise licenses
  • Also has a free trial version

Get it & Open OST file in Outlook for Mac & Win

USL Software has been at the forefront of setting the standard of such email migration tools. They have yet again proven with “OST Extractor Pro” why it is the most trusted source and why professionals prefer them.

open OST in Outlook

Grab your own free trial copy. It will take less than two minutes to download, install, and firing it up. You will realize it is the perfect and most seamless way to open OST file in Outlook.

A bug-free Windows Live mail to PST tool to keep your files safe!

Windows Live mail to PST tool can cause more damage than they can salvage if not chosen with utter prudence. The email conversion tools market is filled with shams and thereby people often get bitter experiences with their data files being completely ruined as a result of putting up with a mediocre Windows Live mail to PST tool.

Windows Live Mail to PST Tool

It is seen that most of the times, the greed for a free mail to outlook converter software lands the users in such a predicament. While the pricing holds great importance, there is certainly more than that which must be considered while choosing a Windows Live mail to PST tool:

  • Choose an offline and not an online conversion tool. The online tools tend to expose your data directly to the notorious elements on the internet. The offline tools, on the other hand, offer greater security
  • Choose a tool that comes from a reliable background
  • Try a tool that is virus free so as to keep your crucial data safe and secure
  • Choose a tool that is known to give proficient results

Mail Passport Pro & Lite

While there can be many more factors to be taken into account, the ones mentioned above are absolutely non-negotiable. Now, there are two tools that deliver on these pointers and more- Mail Passport Pro and Mail Passport Lite. Both the tools are the creations of Gladwev Software– a company with years of experience in the email conversion tools domain. As such, the reliability factor is checked off the list. Not to mention, that these tools are certainly bug-free as well.

WIndows Live Mail to PST

Windows Live mail to PST conversions are taken up by both Mail Passport Pro and Mail Passport Lite. While the former one can handle many more conversions of the likes of Apple mail, EML, RGE, Postbox, etc to PST, the latter one is limited to EML or MBOX to PST conversion. These tools can be downloaded free of cost in their demo versions (Yes, the offline versions!).

WIndows Live Mail to PST Tool

As far as the results of these Windows Live mail to PST tools is concerned, those are highly standardized which cannot be flawed at any level. The perfection is beyond imagination and thereby these tools perfectly fit into the requirements of any user who wants to take up such conversions. Believe it or not, you have been granted the wish of getting the perfect Windows Live mail to PST tool.

Some more perks offered by the amazing Windows Live mail to PST tool!

Although, the major perks of getting Mail Passport Pro or Mail Passport Lite for the job have already been discussed, some additional elements that are common to both are as mentioned below:

  • The tool is extremely user-friendly with a very basic interface
  • There is a 24*7 customer helpline to support the users
  • Affordable full versions in various licenses
  • Converted PST files usable across multiple platforms
  • Quick and perfect conversion process leading straight to the end results

Turbulence free OST file to PST export is offered by OST Extractor Pro!

Experiencing troubles while pursuing OST file to PST export job is something that is quite widespread. The tools providing hassle-free experience are scarce and therefore majority of the users undergo such harsh experiences. Data loss, data damage, or data modification is accompanied by erroneous or disorderly conduct of the tool.

OST file to PST export for Mac / Win Outlook

In this chaotic email conversion world, a tool that comes to the rescue of all is OST Extractor Pro. This tool has been made by none other than USL Software and they have given it all the best features in their power.

OST Extractor Pro has an enormous list of skills and features that are responsible for the spotless final results created by it. This tool is entirely bug-free which ensure smooth flow of the data. There are no application crashes, which means that the turbulence experienced elsewhere is not to be found under the shadow of this amazing OST to PST import tool.

free OST file to PST export

How to secure a copy of OST Extractor Pro?

If you are looking forward to getting OST Extractor Pro for enhancing your OST file to PST export experience then do not worry as procuring a copy of the tool is quite simple.

The users can simply download the free demo version which requires no registration formalities and thereby can be utilized immediately after the download and installation. Once the user is satisfied with this demo version, they can go ahead and complete the registration-payment formalities and secure the license key for the full version. Needless to say, this user-friendly tool is also a pocket-friendly one. So do not hesitate and get your copy of this OST file to PST export tool today itself!

Get perfect OST file to PST export results without jeopardizing the files!

One of the top selling points of OST Extractor Pro is that it provides perfect replicas of the OST files without causing any damage to the data. There is 100% conversion of the email files and it is all accomplished at lightning fast speed.

The tool is well-equipped to transform the files effectively. Take non-English content in languages like Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, etc, for instance. Converting such information can be quite tricky but with the apt algorithms OST Extractor Pro precisely converts all the content. This remains true for all the information that can be found stacked on an email file.

On similar grounds, the tool also ensures that the integrity of the files remains unaffected. That is to say that the folder hierarchy structure, overall framework, functional properties, and the like get preserved in the converting OST to PST job.

Hassle free OST file to PST export

In the end, it can be said with utmost surety that if the user wishes to procure the perfect copies of the OST files in the PST format then there can be no better and securer way than to opt for OST Extractor Pro. The tool is simply the best for the job and there are millions of loyal users who would happily support this claim in a heartbeat!

OST file to PST export

Get the OST to PST converter free trial today.

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