Apple Mail EMLX to PST Converter for Mac (Accurate & Easy to Use)!

It feels good when you wish for something and it does come true. Doesn’t it? And with Email Conversion if this saying goes true, then you get the perfect Apple Mail EMLX to PST Converter at your service.

Mail Extractor Pro is that perfect Apple Mail EMLX to PST Converter for you. The tool is the ultimate conversion machine. It gives you everything required to get the conversion process started and reach a successful end.

Mail Extractor Pro: The perfect Apple Mail EMLX to PST Converter

Mail Extractor Pro is the best Apple Mail EMLX to PST Converter for a reason. It is a result of evolution of technology combined with years of research and development. The tool is the most all-round solution to get you the conversion process of your dreams.

Apple Mail EMLX to PST Converter

It offers you all the best features available in the market to make sure that you get nothing short of perfection. Features like accuracy, speed, precision, ease and many more combines forming a perfect solution that handles every single one of your problems.

Ignore everything with this Tool that doesn’t need your attention

Mail Extractor Pro is one of the smartest converter tools out there. The tool ensures that none of your resources and time is wasted in the conversion process. The tool does so by only converting what is necessary.

This MBOX to PST Converter ignore everything that doesn’t need to be converted. This includes those empty folders that do not contain any of the data but are still present in your input file.

These folders just complexity the folder hierarchy of input file. Mail Extractor Pro ignores these empty folders during the conversion process. This makes the process faster as it doesn’t have to convert every unnecessary thing.

Break down those large problems and files with this Apple Mail EMLX to PST Converter

Large files containing large amount of data can be another obstacle in the path of your successful conversion process. These large files are complex and contains a large amount of data.

This data needs to be retrieved carefully so that none of it is lost and these files are also converted. But the size of the file and amount of data makes it harder for any usual EMLX to PST Converter.

Convert Apple Mail EMLX to PST

But Mail Extractor Pro is not your usual Apple Mail to PST Converter. The found an intelligent solution around these files. It breaks down these large files into smaller ones. The smaller files are easy to convert and mange making the whole conversion process overall efficient.

Why is everyone migrating emails from Thunderbird to Outlook?

Both, Thunderbird and Outlook are very powerful mailing clients. With amazing features in place, these are used by millions of users on a daily basis. While Thunderbird is popular for personal usage, Outlook generally serves professional purposes. However, given a choice, Outlook stands out without a doubt. The reasons? Let’s understand the same!

Although, Outlook is a paid service, it is still preferred over Thunderbird due to its far reaching characteristics. Features such as calendar organization, reminder features, signatures, etc are not only liked but also demanded by users. Such desires are effectively fulfilled by Outlook! Thunderbird, on the other hand, is a free email client. It is not very elaborate in terms of interface or the offered customization options and thereby it has been losing its sheen in this cut throat competitive era.

Thunderbird to Outlook Migration

As such, a shift from Thunderbird to PST doesn’t seem surprising. What does look surprising, however, is how much users struggle to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. There is absolutely no requirement of undergoing the chaotic manual conversions when an utterly simple yet powerful email converter tool is available in plain sight. We are talking about Mail Extractor Pro – a tool that expedites Thunderbird to PST conversion.

migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

It’s time now to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook like a pro!

Mail Extractor Pro lets its users migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook in the most professional way possible. Without being an expert on the subject, a user can still obtain extremely refined conversion results. So, whether you are a first time user or you have already tried and failed at migrating emails from Thunderbird to Outlook in the past, Mail Extractor Pro is the absolute answer to all your problems.

Mail Extractor Pro uses its advanced technology coupled with simple façade to help the users comprehend what otherwise would be an unsettling experience. The tool has a user-friendly interface that makes migrating emails from Mozilla Thunderbird Export to PST a silky-smooth experience. The users can locate all the features on a single screen. The simplicity of this tool, despite the technological marvel that it is, is quite commendable. Additionally, it also offers a round the clock customer care support in case of any hold ups in the whole experience.

Simple with Advanced features

As far as the process is concerned, it is quite self explanatory. All the users have to do is make some choices from the options appearing as prompts in front of them. Choosing between auto-load or manual-load options, setting up the PST file size, selecting the destination location for converted files, etc are just to name a few. In short, simple options and a few clicks would give out exemplary results.

Read More:

It can be said that if a user makes the smart choice of using Mail Extractor Pro to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook, then he/she is bound to get spotless files that can be directly used in Outlook without any further modifications!

Top-Rated OST to EMLX Converter Which Does not precisely output EMLX, but Mac Mail Database Folder Directly!

OST to EMLX Converter tools is a very narrow category of software applications. It is used to migrate data in Outlook OST files to Mac Mail client. And since EMLX is the raw files Mac Mail uses to store emails, by converting OST to EMLX, you can migrate the data too.

However, this is not the perferred method for most expert users. Both OST and EMLX files are not meant for data migration. They are internal files that are not precisely used for any manual operations. Some decent OST to EMLX converters can work their way around to deliver results, but they ultimately remain incomplete and not very efficient.

OST to EMLX Converter for Mac and Windows

Today, we are talking about one of a kind OST to EMLX converter that is not exactly used for EMLX files. It does not convert OST to EMLX but offers something even better for the same goal.

Officially titled ‘OST Extractor Pro‘, it is a complete software solution to convert your OST files to many other formats, one of which is MBOX and also Mac Mail profile folder.

OST to EMLX Converter

This means that you do not need to convert OST to raw format of EMLX, which is never fully accurate. Now you can convert them to Mac Mail profile folder directly or even standard archived format of Mbox. The first option is way better and highly recommended. it results not only in complete processing of all the contents (zero data integrity errors) but also in quicker speed and simplicity for beginners.

How to Convert OST to EMLX

  1. Just load the tool and click on ‘Add OST’
  2. Browse to the file and select it
  3. Choose folders you want to convert
  4. Select ‘*.mbox, *.ics, *.vcf‘ or ‘Apple Mail, Address-book, Calendar (iCal)‘ as your output format
  5. Click ‘convert’

Once the conversion is over, you will get the notification. depending on the size of your ost file, the tool will take a few minutes to give you clean and accurate mac mail files.

‘OST Extractor Pro’ has eliminated the previous challenges and complexities of OST and EMLX conversion. by converting your files to Mac Mail direct profile/identity folder, you do not have to face what other users faced earlier with generic converters. For instance: the tool holds dedicated algorithms to protect your Unicode characters.

Otherwise, it is always tricky to cleanly convert non-English characters.

It also maps the folders from OST to Mac Mail with accuracy. Everything will be exactly where they were in your Outlook.

Some more important features you might like:

– Available in both Mac and Windows’ version.
– backed by 24 x 7 tech support
– free updates offered for lifetime

Download ‘OST Extractor Pro” now. You can start with the free trial mode that helps you see how it works with your files. It allows access to all the features the tool has to offer but only limits items to ten for conversion per folder within OST file.

It can convert OST to Outlook PST, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML, ICS & VCF file format.

Move Gmail to Outlook 2016 in minutes using Mail Extractor Pro!

Ever been mesmerized by sheer display of technology? If not, then get ready for it because Mail Extractor Pro wouldn’t leave any page upturned to captivate your heart.

Move Gmail to Outlook 2016

Mail Extractor Pro is a sturdy email converter tool that has an impeccable design. Built on super-advanced technology, this tool helps the users move Gmail to Outlook 2016. In addition, its specific algorithms make the job quicker and simpler. The entire job is a game of few minutes and the output is nothing less than stunning. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this tool helps you move Gmail to Outlook 2016 in style with an absolute guarantee of flawless results.

Move Gmail to Outlook 2016

Leaves nothing behind

There are two high risk stages wherein the data can be lost in moving Gmail to Outlook 2016. One is at the upload stage and the other one is of course at the transformation stage itself. This tool, however, covers all the perils beforehand. In uploading the data, this tool leaves nothing behind. It carefully transports each element onto the tool. And as far as the conversions are concerned, there is no doubt that this tool goes beyond itself to create exact replicas of the files. That is to say, the exact amount, shape, and semblance of the database are maintained even after the process to move Gmail to Outlook 2016 gets completed.

Move Gmail to Outlook

Moves Non-English content too

Mail Extractor Pro is probably the only tool that manages every tricky element with due respect and tactical shrewdness. When it comes to conversion of the mails, there are quite many difficulties that pop up all through the process. Many of the tools tend to break down due to the gnarly demands of the conversion process. However, that is not the case with this tool. There are very specific algorithms that help it treat elements such as attachments that are consistent of media, different documents etc. There is of course a long list of elements like these which are all flawlessly converted.

If we talk about non-English content then that is one twisted conversion that takes a lot of precision. Thankfully for us, this tool has the required Unicode content to handle such files too.

Safety comes first

No one can contest the significance of safety in considering the technological software and tools. And this aspect takes even more precedence when our personal and professional email data files are at stake.

Mail Extractor Pro can be relied upon for two good reasons! First being, that it is the creation of USL software. Now USL software is no ordinary name. It has created not just this converter tool but many others which are highly successful. Moreover, the users continually put their trust into USL due to its consistent performance. The second reason for believing in this tool is that it gives the user a chance to try it before actually buying it. What? We know, right!

Get it to Move Gmail to Outlook 2016

Gmail to Outlook

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Feel completely relaxed and opt for this tool to move Gmail to Outlook 2016!

FAQs regarding OST to PST Outlook / Office 365 conversion

OST to PST Outlook / Office 365 conversions are quite frequently taken up by the users. With such a high proportion of users looking forward to achieving OST to PST Outlook / Office 365 conversions, there are a lot of questions that are posted around on different forums. We have tried to put together the most relevant ones and have created this FAQs compilation for your reference. The list helps you understand different aspects of OST to PST Outlook / Office 365 conversions with the assistance of the best converter for the job-OST Extractor Pro.

Can OST Extractor Pro convert the data to large PST files?

OST Extractor Pro is adept at handling all sorts of data. When it comes to converting files from OST to PST Outlook / Office 365, this tool can simply pick up anything and convert it further. For large sized files, this tool strategically breaks them down. The users can have control on the size of the files too as this tool gives an option to split up the files if they are too large. However, OST Extractor Pro conclusively takes every ounce of data and converts it from OST to PST Outlook / Office 365 without any gaps.

OST to PST Outlook 365

How will OST Extractor Pro convert contacts from OST to PST Outlook / Office 365?

OST Extractor Pro is well equipped to handle any category of data. Emails are of course an intricate compilation of various elements such as text files, attachments, graphical content, contacts, calendars, journal items, etc. OST Extractor Pro has specifically defined algorithms for each one of these. As far as contacts and calendars are concerned, while converting data from OST to PST Outlook / Office 365, this tool builds separate VCF and ICS files for contacts and calendars respectively.

Can OST Extractor Pro convert the data from OST to MBOX?

OST Extractor Pro is a dynamic tool. We have learnt so far about its ability to convert the files from OST to PST Outlook / Office 365. What’s more is that, this same tool can also convert the OST files to formats such as Apple mail archive, MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, etc. So the answer is that OST Extractor Pro converts the data from OST to MBOX and does it magnificently.

OST to PST Office 365

Do I need technical expertise to work my way through OST Extractor Pro to convert files from OST to PST Outlook / Office 365?

No, you don’t. OST Extractor Pro is a very intelligent tool. It supports the users in converting the files from OST to various other outputs. Basically, this tool was specifically designed with two major aims-to make a one stop OST file converter and to cater to the maximum number of users. With such purpose in mind, the creative team behind this tool decided to make it a user-friendly tool. Displaying its working on a very genuine graphical interface. This friendly tool is known to be understood even by the beginners at the job. So, even without an ounce of technical knowledge, you would be able to convert OST to PST Outlook / Office 365 using OST Extractor Pro.

Fastest and safest Thunderbird to PST conversion tool

Struggle no more with mail conversion, the Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software is here to take all the responsibilities associated with it. This Thunderbird to PST conversion tool comes with in-built features which make the process smooth and enable the user to make sense of the conversion even though they may be ignorant of the process. This Thunderbird to PST conversion tool is useful for several purposes, it can be used to convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST, migrate MBOX to Outlook PST, and similarly to convert Thunderbird/ Postbox to Outlook PST.

Choose the most useful Thunderbird to PST conversion tool

You would always be on the gaining side if you use this Thunderbird to PST conversion tool to convert your mails. It is much of a better option that the usual mail converters which do nothing more than converting mails. With this Thunderbird to PST conversion tool you get better quality mail conversion results with its special features. Issues like incomplete conversion and corruption have been dealt with excellently by this tool.

Thunderbird to PST conversion tool

Recognizes all Unicode data components

It is essential for any Thunderbird to PST conversion tool to be familiar with the different kinds of Unicode components given that they are dealing with data used for communication purpose- mails. While most Thunderbird to PST conversion tools would lack this ability, this tool has wide reach when it comes to converting files with non-English languages. So you can submit your Unicode files to it unhesitatingly.

Reach the pinnacle of high speed with bulk conversion technique

Why waste your time converting files with slow Thunderbird to PST conversion tools when you have an alternative which works faster. With the Mail Extractor Pro you would be able to convert bunches of files together without struggling.

Thunderbird to PST conversion

Maintains the hierarchy of the folders

You would certainly not like your files on a mess after the process of mail conversion is complete. This Thunderbird to PST conversion tool would keep the folders in a proper hierarchy so that the user does not have to confusedly search for them when the need arrives.

Converts Thunderbird/ MBOX/ Apple Mail to Outlook PST

This Thunderbird to PST conversion tool is useful for all purposes- converting Thunderbird, MBOX, Mac Mail to Outlook PST with equal efficiency. The resultant PST files would be supported by all versions of Outlook- both Mac and Windows.

GUI designed for beginners to mail conversion

With its Graphic User Interface designed to serve all sorts of clients, this Thunderbird to PST conversion tool is justifiably popular. No one would feel confused or lost while using this tool, even if they do not know anything of the process of mail conversion.

Evaluation copy available for free

Everyone can test out these features without paying for it. You can convert your files freely with this tool till you are satisfied with its performance. Only when you are sure you want its service, go and get your copy from the link provided below. We can be contacted 24*7 at

Thunderbird to PST

You can convert Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Postbox, MBOX to PST and convert MBOX to OLM mac Outlook with ‘Mail Extractor Pro

All You Need To Know About PostBox to PST Conversion

If you have been looking to change your post box domain you must be coming across the word PST files. Here is an insight about postbox to PST conversion.

Why is PostBox to PST conversion Important?

Whenever you want to convert your client domain such as Postbox, Thunderbird, Mbox etc you have to first convert the file into PST file. The conversion of above said domains cannot directly take place into Outlook windows or Mac. Reason being you have to convert the files that are in Postbox format into PST format to make the conversion happen.

Why do we convert Postbox to PST format?

Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook does not support Postbox file format. It only accepts PST format files. Hence when you look forward to having your post box domain converted into PST you need a tool. This is what Postbox to PST conversion is all about.

This is the best tool to export Postbox to PST format without risk

The tool that can efficiently help you out in converting your postbox file format into PST file is the Mail Extractor Pro. The Mail Extractor Pro is developed by USL software. It has many features that help it convert the postbox file into PST file with ease and without any data loss.

Postbox to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is designed to convert Postbox, MBOX files, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

User friendly interface

One of the key features that all of us usually look for in all the tools is the user interface. The user interface of this software is really user-friendly and self-intuitive. This means one does not need to have a detailed knowledge of the tools that he is using. It guides the users through the software taking the user through each and every step and reducing the manual work.

No limitation of file size

If you know about the PST files you must know it is very difficult to upload the large PST files to Outlook. Many of the users on the internet have reported that large PST files cause a problem when being uploaded to Outlook. The mail extractor Pro gives you the option to limit the length and size of your output PST files. This way if you have a large database that is to be handled you can limit the output size of the PST files.

No lags or errors

This software does not freeze like other software and tools available in the market. Neither does it cause any data loss in the process of conversion of files from Postbox format to PST. This software is said to be excellent in handling large database and in the conversion of metadata and complex data files. This is how you get 100% safe Postbox to PST conversion.

Get a free trial to find out more

If you do not want to go for the purchased version you can also try the free trial version. All you need to do is download the Mail Extractor Pro. Once you have downloaded the Mail Extractor Pro simply install the tool on your desktop or laptop.

Postbox to PST Converter

How does the Postbox to PST conversion process go?

Select the file format that is post box. Once done click on the folders that you want to convert into PST file. In the next step, you need to select the output PST file size and click on auto-load. Once you click on auto-load the files will start to convert into PST format.

Postbox to PST Conversion

You can see the progress in the log. Once the conversion is completed you will get a dialogue box with the option to see the full report. Once you are satisfied with the download you can save the output PST file on your desktop. After all the above steps are done you simply need to import the PST file to windows outlook or Mac. This is how Postbox to PST conversion works.

Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010…

Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook with zero errors and effort: Mail Extractor Pro.

Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook

Mac Mail and Windows Outlook, the two major players in the game of emails service. Migrating from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook can involve many layers of technicalities.  It’s easy to switch from one email account to other but what’s hard is the transfer of data. Since data holds a very high spot in the priority index, playing with it is not advised. A third-party Apple Mail MBOX to PST converter is the perfect way of achieving the conversion process of your choice.

The Mac Mail to Windows Outlook converter to do it all

The thing with third-party converters is that there number had increased drastically in the recent times. So, finding a converter tool to suit your need becomes a lot harder.

In Mail Extractor Pro you get the most recommended tool to Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook. The tool has the perfect balance of all the features to make your conversion process error free and effective. With Mail Extractor Pro you get all that has been missing in your previous converter tools. Like:

Experience Control with Mail Extractor Pro that you never had

Control give you the feeling of power. With email conversion you never had that. Not until, now.  Mail Extractor Pro not only allows you to Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook but also from Thunderbird, MBOX, Postbox etc.

Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook

This gives you the easy and control of converting multiple formats with the help of a single tool. You don’t need to learn a new converter tool every time your previous converter tool failed to convert your file into any other format.

This also saves your time and effort wasted in finding a new converter tool for different conversion processes other than Migrating Mac Mail to Windows Outlook.

So, one tool to do it all, making it easier for you.

Unicode or not, no problem

Unicode is the encoding scheme of all the non-English data present in your input file. Since emails broadly carries textual data or ASCII data, they are easier to convert. But now a day anything can be exchanged via emails, therefore, the tool should be equipped enough to convert it all.

All the nested messages, attachments etc. form up the Unicode data. This is the part that causes problem when you Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook.

If the converter tool is incapable of converting the Unicode content present in your file when you Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook, then you may end up with a faulty and incomplete conversion process. Mail Extractor Pro converts it all while importing Mac Mail to Outlook. This gives you a complete and safer conversion process.

Free Trial to Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Outlook

This is just the glimpse of what tool has to offer. The tool offers a free to download trial that help you in getting to know the tool better before buying the premium version.

Mac Mail to Windows Outlook

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ to migrate Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, MBOX to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

Where to find Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool (Gmail Archive to PST)?

Finding a Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool can be a difficult task. There are so many tools available in the market, that it can get really confusing which one to pick. Also not all converter tools available in the market offer you free usage.

Most of the tools that are available in the market do offer free trial versions but the catch is that they do not incorporate all the features in the trial version. Many of the features are kept hidden or specifically are for the clients who purchase the pack with them for the converter tool. Hence to get a Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool keep reading this article and get to know more.

How to get Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool

Apart from many tools available in the market, there is one such tool that offers Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool that is from USL software. USL software came up with converter tool which is the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool is intelligently designed by the team to overcome all the difficulties faced by users when using other tools. They have smart algorithm to cope up with the existing needs of the users.

gmail mbox to pst converter

Mail Extractor Pro can also convert Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, MBOX to PST file format for both Mac and Windows Outlook.

The best free trial that you can ever get

Apart from many of the basic features some of the highlighted features that this tool offers as a Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool is it offers you a free trial version to use. In this free trial version, you will get all the features as you would get in a paid version. This means no features are kept hidden from you when you are using the free trial version for your conversion.

gmail mbox to pst converter tool

Preserves Unicode content and other related data

Also, there are many tools in the market in the name of Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool, which do not offer double-byte character conversion. This tool offers you a double character conversion which is simply delightful and good news for people using Apple mails in different languages. Double-byte character conversion is needed for languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc. If you are a user who uses Apple mail in different languages or any other languages that uses double-byte then this is a boon for you.

convert gmail mbox to pst

User friendly interface

It has a very user-friendly interface. That helps the users to understand the tool easily and to work through it with utmost ease. It also gives a few other options like neglecting the empty folders and auto load. When you use the option of empty folder neglecting it simply deletes all the empty folders and only extract and converts your data and folders which have important data in it. Auto-load feature also minimises the use of human interference eliminating the human error caused during the conversion. These features make it the best Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool in the market.

Get this tool and get control over your email data

These are some of the features that are a must-have in a Gmail MBOX to PST converter tool. To use this tool you can go on the official website that is

Get it this tool today and hassle free import Gmail MBOX into Outlook for Mac and Windows.

gmail mbox to pst

Get the free trial to find out more

You can simply click on the above given link. Download the free trial version and you can start converting Gmail to PST files. I assure you that this is one of the best Gmail MBOX to PST converter tools available in the market.

Information to import Apple Mail Database in Outlook with success

Apple mail can be easily imported in Outlook. The process is very simple and easy.  However, the presence of unreliable methods and tools has tarnished its image. Importing Apple Mail database in Outlook can be executed with the help of just one simple but professional tool. IT does not require much. And the ultimate choice for this in the recent months has been Mail Extractor Pro.

Import Apple Mail Database in Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro is a simple and profound tool which can help you immensely in converting all Apple mail database to PST format in the shortest time possible. The tool does it all. It not only converts Apple mail but also preserves its folder arrangement. It is simple to use but can convert in bulk too.

Import Apple Mail Database in Outlook

Let’s get a little deeper into details:- 

Simple to use

Mail Extractor Pro has a simplistic design but profound goal. The tool can be easily used by anyone who does not have any prior knowledge of Mail Extractor Pro or the process of Apple mail to PST.  This is very helpful to large corporations as no time is wasted in training employees and briefing them about this new tool. Every employee is empowered by the tool itself.

Plus, the tool is fully automatic which does not let customers feel even a tinge of complexity of the task of importing Apple Mail database in Outlook. Due to this feature companies love to buy Mail Extractor Pro. Employees usually enjoy Apple mail MBOX to PST Conversion with the help of this tool.

Bulk conversions

Bulk conversion is another area in which the importance of Mail Extractor Pro for companies multiplies. The tool can convert any size of Apple mail database very easily. Mail Extractor Pro is respected not just for this feature but also because of its ability to not dilute the speed or quality of conversion in the quest to achieve this feature.

Companies can utilize this feature in many ways and in many scenarios. It can really use a quick and thorough conversion of its entire Apple mail database when required urgently. With the accurate and safe bulk conversion feature of Mail Extractor Pro, it will not have to worry about the fate of its database. It can utilize this feature while opening a new unit in some other part of the world where it will need Outlook.  All in all, customers really find this feature of Mail Extractor Pro very useful.

Importing Apple Mail Database in Outlook

Evaluation copy to Import Apple Mail Database in Outlook

A suitable evaluation copy has been provided by USL software which helps customers to decide the tool’s worth for them.

Try it here:


The starting price is $49. Choose perfect plan for you.

Small Business License – This small business license is available only for $199. There are a lot of benefits to using this version since it offers unlimited conversions for up to 50 units. This license comes with free support and free updates for life.

Enterprise license –this license is for large corporations which need the service for more than 100 units of usage for employees. They can easily buy this license only for $599. This license can be installed on unlimited systems and multiple locations. All extended features are included in this package and support with updates are totally free.

Download Mail Extractor Pro for free right now to import MBOX to Outlook 2019 for Mac & Windows.

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