Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter – The One That You Want!

There are a few Apple Mail MBOX to PST converter you can get online. But since you are here, we concur that you either did not come across them, or if you did, you did not like them.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter

It is no surprise. Most of these converters do not offer the features that a smart user would want. They are missing dozens of essentials responsible for a seamless experience of Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion.

We are going to reveal one converter that is different than all others. It is the one that you have always wanted.

Featuring high conversion speed, unparalleled accuracy of output data, and a friendly interface, this Apple Mail MBOX to PST converter will give you the best results and experience. Which is saying a lot, because an email migration is otherwise very tedious and exhausting.

Best Apple Mail to MBOX Converter

Goes by the name of “Mail Extractor Pro,” it is now available to try out for free. The free trial version provides access to all its features and the full interface, except it converts only ten items per folder. The ten items limitation is not relevant if you wish to find out how it works and how it delivers the exact experience you are hoping for.

apple mail mbox to pst converter

It also has another option to convert Apple Mail to PST and that even does not require MBOX files. You simply click ‘Autoload’ next to Apple Mail and it gets data directly from the profile folder.

Talking of types of databases the tool converts to PST files, here is the full list:

  • It can convert Apple Mail databases, from the main profile database or even from backup locations or any exported Apple Mail folders
  • It converts MBOX files
  • It can also convert Thunderbird database directly
  • It supports Postbox direct database conversion too

But note that for this article, we are only focused on MBOX to PST conversion.

“Mail Extractor Pro” turns the entire prospect of email migration between Apple Mail and Windows Outlook a streamlined job without any overwhelming challenges. It does so in a way without cluttering the interface but also offering the features that you need. The command it has on the accuracy and integrity of files is astounding. You will never find any partially converted files or any missing data components.

apple mail mbox to pst

Need to know before converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST

Here is some more information you would like to know before downloading:

  • It supports full conversion of all Unicode text characters, also including Chinese languages that use double-byte, which is often very trick to process during conversion
  • Never worry about not converting the large files as attachments or getting them detached from the emails
  • “Mail Extractor Pro” delivers accuracy through sophisticated algorithms that work on multiple layers with your Apple Mail MBOX files. The result is complete processing of tiny details and headers and metadata
  • The simple interface allows even the non-experienced and basic home users to convert data
  • It has an in-built option for splitting PST files, depending on the size that you set. This makes it easier to import them to Outlook later on, because certain Outlook versions struggle to import large files.
  • The tech support of USL Software is quick to respond, works with you till the end to give you full satisfaction.

Get it to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

You can give it a shot here. This free trial version is perfect for users who want to find out more before buying the full version. Download it from the product site:

Mail Extractor Pro is the best Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter tool that convert Apple Mail by Auto Loading entire Mailbox and support all *.mbox files.

Officially, the Best Way to Import Mac Mail to Outlook!

Here is the solution for you to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2011 for Mac and Windows Outlook 2019 / 2016 /2013 / 2010 / Office 365.

Import Mac Mail to Outlook Mac/Win

I have something important to tell you.

You probably have heard of data loss stories while importing Mac Mail to Outlook. It is a task that does not often end up as you would expect. The data loss or compromise to the data integrity is too common.

Most users employ convoluted strategies to get it done. But they are all either too convoluted to make sense to a basic user or are too rigid to fit for your needs.

Best Way to Import Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016…

The solution below is a near perfect tool you can get your hands on today.

The Cleverest Approach to Import Data!

Called “Mail Extractor Pro,” it is a friendly software to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016. It converts the ‘Mail’ database straight to PST files. No other tactics or strategy involved. By getting rid of manually handling data files, the tool is primed for the quickest data migration possible.

import mac mail to outlook
Import Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac or Outlook for Windows with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Due to the depth of information today on email databases, this task is not supposed to be taken lightly. Definitely not done through the generic or subpar tools. You could end up with damaged images or graphical data, disrupted folders and hierarchy, compromised non-English(Unicode) characters, and other errors.

Let go of all that and download “Mail Extractor Pro” now.

import mac mail to outlook 2019
3 simple steps that helps you to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2019.

Simple UI with Clear-Cut Procedure!

It also has a simple and modern interface that makes the job much easier. Built up from scratch, USL Software managed to include the unique and helpful features without cluttering the UI. The result is a simplified approach to an otherwise tricky process.

  • You start by clicking on “Load”and choosing “Autoload.” This gets your ‘Mail’ folder selected for conversion.
  • Then, you can either remove any folder by unchecking the boxes or keep the entire database selected.
  • Thirdly, check the size that you want for the output PST files. If the input is large, the tool splits the files depending on the size-limit you set.

That is all.

No other manual steps to take, no fiddling with files like EMLX or MBOX. And no elaborate configuration or set up to go through.

Unparalleled Control on Data Integrity

When you open the converted PST files, you can notice the similarity between them and the input (‘Mail’ data). Everything will be the same.

All images, folders, Unicode text, headers,graphics, attachments, and other items will be in the same form and order as before.

USL Software devised dedicated scripts to deal with more compound forms of information like Unicode or sub-folders or MIME headers. The control it has on your data is unparalleled. From the tiniest component to massive files, the information is processed with sharp precision all throughout the process.

Make Mac Mail to Outlook Migration Better!

With the common solutions, many people get annoyed by the lack of choices.

Not with “Mail Extractor Pro.”

You may be also be interested in knowing that:

  • “Mail Extractor Pro” features full support for converting MBOX files to PST and Thunderbird to PST files as well. These two other conversion choices work equally well as the primary ‘Mail’ to PST.
  • You are also given the choice of choosing any ‘Mail’ backup folder for conversion, as opposed to the primary identity or profile folder.
  • Never be forced to convert everything. Manually pick out any unnecessary folder by simply un-checking the boxes
  • All empty folders can be excluded in a single click
  • Never get large PST files anymore (set size-limit for output files)
  • The detailed conversion log satiates the hunger for technical information that many savvy users like. Such as: path of the items converted, total number of items processed, etc.

Get it import Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 / 2016

Try Before Buy!

You can try a demo edition here.

It works on ten items per folders, but lets you check out the features in detail. Later, you can choose the license to activate the full version.

Also read:

import mac mail to outlook 2016
Download free trial copy

Lastly, the excellent support of USL Software offers quick and satisfactory answers to all your queries. They would also assist you through any stage that you may require some additional support for.“Mail Extractor Pro” finally lets everyone, from advanced IT user to basic home user, to import Mac Mail to Outlook 2019 , Outlook 2016 for Mac or Windows and get professional results without ever compromising the usability.

EMLX to PST Converter (Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013… Office 365)

Even the Best EMLX to PST Converter is Not Without Flaws and Challenges!

EMLX to PST Converter for Outlook 2019 / 2016..

The very first Mac Mail version used MBOX files to store email messages. Ever since the second version, Mail uses EMLX files. Each EMLX file is for a single email message. These are simple text files that can be viewed by a simple text editor. The attachments are stored in EMLXPART files. These files can be found by opening .mbox file packages inside the ‘Mail’ folder inside users’ library.

Note that .mbox file packages that Mac Mail uses is different from the standard MBOX format.

Convert EMLX to PST for Outlook 2019 or Office 365

To move Mac Mail data to Outlook Windows or Mac, it flows naturally that you can convert EMLX to PST files, where PST is natively associated with Windows Outlook but you can also import them in Mac version of Outlook.

But sadly, even the best EMLX to PST converters have some large hurdles to overcome that they generally fail to do so.

Challenges with EMLX to PST Converter

Firstly, EMLX to PST converters are only applicable for converting emails, that too, without the attachments. Secondly, you need to dig into your database folders to look for these files. And since each EMLX file is a single email message, to convert the entire Mac Mail data, the total number of files can be daunting. For a user with thousands of emails, it becomes almost unfeasible to go this route.

It can be tedious but worse of all, such conversion methods lead to errors in data integrity. You can find broken images, modified folder hierarchy, lost non-English text characters, and so on. The fidelity of your important email data is, leaving traces to data loss as well. There is nothing more painful and disheartening that losing your precious emails from friends and coworkers.

There is another way to migrate Mac Mail data than EMLX to PST conversion, and that is, MBOX to PST conversion. You just need to archive everything into an MBOX file first and then convert it into PST. It is almost the same procedure except it is slightly better than the EMLX approach.

If you are feeling a bit anxious at this point, we are here to give you the best way to deal with this. If you want to import Apple Mail to Outlook, forget EMLX to PST or even MBOX to PST, and use “Mail Extractor Pro”.

emlx to pst

Why is it different?

This tool works on your Mail native database (called Profile or Identity) directly. There is no need for you to use EMLX or MBOX or any other file. Simply click once on the ‘Autoload’ option and sit back while the tool does the rest. It is a great way to simply an otherwise daunting job, while also greatly enhancing the precision users hope for. Not manually dealing with the files add accuracy to a much higher degree, but targeting the source directly takes it to 100%. There will no be loss, no integrity damage, no broken images, or no such errors.

emlx to pst converter

Want to see it for yourself? The free version works best if you want to check it out further.

How to convert EMLX to PST

  1. Open it and click on ‘Apple Mail: Load‘.
  2. Click ‘Auto Load“, it will load Apple Mail automatically
  3. [Optional] Click on ‘Open‘, if you have a backup copy to browse
  4. Check “Ignore Empty Folders“, to ignore empty folders
  5. Check/Uncheck folders from preview panel for conversion
  6. Set PST file Size, if your mailbox is above 15 GB
  7. Click “Convert
  8. Click on “Locate Output Folder” to get your PST file.

convert emlx to pst

Mail Extractor Pro” is from USL Software, available in several licenses, offers free lifetime updates, and a expert support staff available all the time.

Export Emails from Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Export Emails from Mac Mail to Outlook Easily in Spite of the Challenges This Task Seemingly Bring Up!

Exporting email data can be overly complicated for both experienced users and otherwise. Mac Mail to Outlook data migration isn’t so excused either. It can result in incomplete output files even after putting up countless hours into the task.

Export Emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

The main reason behind the complexity you face is that these clients work differently, in two different operating systems, and share no common data file that can be used. So, migrating data is no more like moving or copying/pasting the files.

Outlook uses PST primarily and Mac Mail uses MBOX and EMLX in different context. If you have folders in Mac Mail, you cannot move the EMLX into Outlook. The Outlook has no feature to import then or even read those files.

This brings us into the conversion of files themselves.

  • One option is to manually convert each EMLX file associated with an individual email message into PST. This leaves out EMLXPART files that are for attachments, and also contacts and calendar.
  • Another option is to directly convert the entire Apple Mail native Database into PST files, including every content inside of it, rather than handling each EMLX file separately.

But, sadly, almost all software tools that convert your data goes for the first method – EMLX to PST.

Not only is too cumbersome and leaves out attachments, contacts, and calendar, it is also more less accurate with the mails and their metadata. If you care about the details in your email messages, which obviously everyone does, you should keep generic EMLX converters at bay. Images, links, email addresses, headers, Unicode content, MIME content, and other such elements of an email database can get lost through that approach.

Best Way to Export Emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

Now it’s possible to finally convert Apple Mail database entire and directly to PST, by passing any need to handle EMLX files manually. This is done through “Mail Extractor Pro”. It has a simple option for ‘Auto-load’. It will get all your contents from the Mail ready up for conversion in no time.

Export Emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

Forget all other tiring and inaccurate methods; they are not needed anymore.

Additionally, “Mail Extractor Pro’ can do the same with your Thunderbird and Postbox. This is automatically get their databases instead of having you to manually fiddling with the files. It even supports MBOX files conversion to PST.

Eventually what you get is fully accurate and clean PST files, ready to be imported into Outlook Windows. Get your attachments, Unicode email addresses and text, MIME defined content, cloud-based links, folder hierarchy, and other information from the emails correctly converted with no loss to the tiny details they contain.

export mac mail to outlook

One more important feature that is easy to ignore but comes in handy is splitting large PST files. You can set the size limit for the output PST file. The tool automatically creates additional ones, in essence, splitting them into smaller files that are easier to import to Outlook.

If you want to see how “Mail Extractor Pro” turns out in action specifically with your database, here’s a way to do that: download the free trial setup.

You can convert ten items per folder within the “Mail” folder, but allows every other aspect of the app to be checked out freely. This will give you a much better idea of the ‘Auto-load’ function rather than reading about it.

export email from mac mail to outlook

Free trial to export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook

Don’t forget; it is offered by USL Software, the leading source of such email migration solutions. It also brings other benefits like full 24 x 7 tech support, free updates for lifetime, various different licenses for small and big use, and more.

mac mail to outlook

To export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac & Windows, get this tool today.

Import OLM to Mac Mail with “OLM Extractor Pro” By USL Software

Import OLM to Mac Mail with “OLM Extractor Pro” – Here are the Top Features That Make it the Only Tool That Works with Guaranteed Success!

Import OLM to Mac Mail

OLM Extractor Pro” is the finest achievement of USL Software to date. It’s the software application to work on migrating Outlook data to other clients. A process that is clearly one of the most complicated and frustrating ones for both experts and basic users. With this tool, you will find it is the only one that features what every user needs in order to get the data moved successfully. All other solutions in this category have one or more aspects lacking that can make them incomplete and ineffective.

Import OLM to Mac Mail

So, let’s take a look at what is it that makes “OLM Extractor Pro” one of its kind. And how it eases up a tricky process into just few simple steps:

olm to mac mail

Easy to use

The first and the foremost important aspect of it is that it has a very intuitive and natural UI. It helps users not worry about low-level technical aspects of the task. You simply launch it and get started, as both the interface and the instructions are for the basic users and anyone can use it without knowing anything beforehand.

Convert Multiple OLM files

The second most important element it brings to this task is that it allows you to convert multiple OLM Files. It does not effect on the quality of output files or its performance. You can select a folder with as many OLM Files with as large a size as you want and convert them altogether with ease.

Convert Everything Accurately

Next, one of the most desired, and therefore, most concerned, issue is that of lack of clarity and details in output Mac Mail files. It means that generic tools do not take every little data element into consideration. They leave you with incomplete data files in Mac Mail, also called data integrity loss. “OLM Extractor Pro” is the only solution that has dedicated processing power for each complex element like headers, metadata, folder hierarchy, and so on. The output Mac Mail files contain everything your original OLM files did.

Keep Folders Hierarchy As Is

It maps the folders from OLM to Mac Mail without losing the arrangement. This makes a massive difference for users who have a large database that was meticulously arranged into folders and sub-folders. An ordinary migration tool would often lose this structure, making it really frustrating to make sense of your emails later on with Mac Mail. But here, you don’t have to worry about that.

Convert Unicode Contents

It also supports Unicode text characters fully. Many times, characters used in languages like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, or any other DBCS encoded set can get tricky to convert from one format to other. “OLM Extractor Pro” has support for all fonts/writing systems that come under Unicode, the universal standard for encoding text in emails and elsewhere.

Import OLM to Apple Mail

Get it to Import OLM to Mac Mail

If you want, you can try it now. It is offered to you by USL Software. It is available in a free trial version that you can download below.

Get it here:

To import olm to mac mail, download ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ today.

OST to PST Conversion – The best and Ultimate Solution

Simple and best way for your ost to pst conversion, get ‘OST Extractor Pro’ today.

Every business requires a good email client. That email client is the foundation to everything that a company builds upon. It will be the prime source of communication and link between the company and its clients.

Therefore, many companies choose Outlook. It caters to a company offline and online needs. It is helpful in not just inter-communication or intra-communication, but also in storing everything that comes under the category of ‘immediate need’.

So if your company has been using Outlook, you need to read this article. In this article, we will be introducing you to the functioning of Outlook, the problems it can pose. Plus, you will also know why you need to know about OST to PST Conversion, and how to do it.


Outlook works in a simple way. Outlook has made its name by catering to customers’ both online and offline needs. How does it achieve that? Well. Outlook works with three components – OST, PST, and MS Exchange server. Let’s know them better.

All mailbox content of MS Outlook is saved offline. Offline files are stored on computer hardware and can be accessed any time one likes. As this does not require any internet connection, it can be circulated very easily.

Outlook’s PST format stands for personal storage table. This format works with Outlook. For OST files to work in Outlook, OST files will have to be synced with PST files. This work is done by MS Exchange server.

When registering an account on Outlook, everyone needs to simultaneously register in MS Exchange server. This helps them in both their online and offline Outlook connection. MS Exchange server  is the link between Outlook’s online and offline service.


MS Outlook is a prime email client which does not pose any alien problem. The only problem it faces is due to lack of clarity in its functioning. To update our mailbox we need to sync OST files with PST through MS Exchange server. But do we have any alternative to do this job, when MS Exchange server is not available? No. Outlook does not offer any alternative.

The biggest problem with MS Outlook then becomes that of using it. Our offline data is of no use if we cannot sync it with PST. It will not be imported in Outlook. Thus, we will not be able to use it and resume our functioning.


OST to PST Conversion is important because it is the only solution to the only problem that occurs in Outlook. This conversion process can render OST database usable. After being converted to PST format, it can be imported in Outlook with ease.


You can convert OST files to PST format with the help of OST Extractor Pro by USL software. The tool is easy to use, and can convert any type of mailbox content. From Meta data content like ASCII code to big mails with heavy attachments, everything finds its way to customers’ desired formats with OST Extractor Pro.

OST to PST Conversion

The best part of the whole deal is that you get a free trial version with OST Extractor Pro. Its demo version will allow you to verify all the claims made by USL software. Download the demo version of OST Extractor Pro right now!

OST to PST Conversion Demystified for Household

How can you simplify the OST to PST Conversion process? Get the details here.

When your family members and your occupation have the same nature, then, it is highly probable that your family’s professional needs and problems are mostly similar. Office finds its way home on the dining table and even on picnics, trips and holidays.

One such grave topic for discussion is OST to PST Conversion. OST Conversion is a tough, mysterious and dangerous task. It is considered nightmare by some. Its discussion hasn’t stopped because no valid solution has been found for this process. The task cannot be done manually and the tools which offer solution are not worthy of attention. They are either too in adept or too costly.

In this article I will solve not only your OST to PST Conversion problem but also ease up its financial constraint. But let’s first explore why we need to convert OST to PST in the first place.

OST to PST Conversion, why we need it anyway?

We definitely want to not need OST to PST Conversion but it makes itself mandatory. How? Well, we cannot dispose our Outlook. It is one of the best email clients as we all know. It has an OST format which allows us to save our mailbox offline. The ease of accessing our mailbox anytime at our earliest convenience makes Outlook such a delight. There are two more components to it – PST and Exchange server.

PST stands for personal storage table. Exchange server of MS syncs OST files with these PST ones. PST works with Outlook. And this is how our mailboxes are kept up to date, and saved on our computers for our ease of access and circulation among connected computers. Office communication has been revolutionized by Outlook.

But when MS Exchange server is not at our disposal to carry out this responsibility to sync OST with PST, or when OST files get corrupt, or at the stupid case of deletion of our account at MS Exchange server accidentally, it becomes compulsory to convert OST files to PST. This is because without converting it we cannot open OST files in Outlook.

How are we supposed to work without it ?

As I have mentioned before we need a safe reliable and speedy tool for converting our OST files to PST format. One such amazing tool is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

ost to pst conversion

OST Extractor Pro has an amazing interface. One does not even know one is executing such a gruesome task as OST to PST Conversion. The tool extracts OST files from every source possible. It allows for selective conversions. OST Extractor Pro can convert any kind of file. It also preserves folder hierarchy. What’s more? Well, the cherry on the cake is that it has a free trial version which can be exploited to see the tool’s execution for no cost at all.

Get it for OST to PST Conversion

The financial aspect of the tool is relieving too. It has a cheap individual license at $49. But why buy that when you can get so much more for your entire family through household license at just $79.

ost to pst conversion tool

I have kept my promise. Now you make your life easier. OST to PST Conversion should be done only with OST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

OST Recovery Tool for Mac and Windows Operating System

Here is the best OST recovery tool for your business. It works on both Mac and Windows System.

OST Recovery Tool

Have you been insecure about your Enterprises’ OST database like many other managers, directors and owners of big Enterprises? If yes, then this article is just for you.

Given that there is a huge amount of insecurity regarding OST files, it becomes necessary for every business to have an OST recovery tool at its disposal.

These tools are very professional in their jobs and protect your OST database from any harm that can come its way.

The tool will also come handy when despite the entire preventive measures one’s company takes, it loses its entire OST database.

This can be very traumatic for any company. Therefore, a company should be well prepared for the worst case scenario. Therefore, we are suggesting here that a company should keep one OST recovery tool always handy.

Best OST Recovery Tool to Recover OST files

Because Enterprises’ data is so important, therefore we only recommend OST Extractor Pro for this process.

OST Extractor Pro has all the necessary features and the trust of giant company USL software.

ost recovery

USL software has made its name in email conversion sector by producing numerous successful tools one after another.

The most important aspect of this tool is that one can try the free trial version of the tool and help Enterprises decide whether the tool is worth investing or not.

But with the free trial version, a whole company cannot run its OST related procedures. For that companies will have to buy the license version of the tool.

A huge relief is that OST Extractor Pro’s Enterprise license costs only $599. Here is what Enterprises get for this license:-

  • Unlimited Mac/PC
  • Multiple location
  • Unlimited use
  • All features
  • Lifetime license
  • Free updates
  • 24*7 support

The features you get with this tool are as follows:-

Interactive User interface

OST Extractor Pro has a self-explanatory and highly interactive user interface. There is no need to waste time in training employees for OST recovery process, as this tool makes the process so easy.

Extracts OST files from all sources

OST Extractor Pro will not leave any OST file from your computer unrecovered just because of its origin.

OST Extractor Pro will extract OST files from every source possible without any discrimination or failure.

This is a huge benefit for companies which want to execute the process as soon as possible. OST Extractor Pro understands this time concern, and therefore, completes the process as quickly as possible without leaving any OST file behind.


OST Extractor Pro is not only the best recovery tool out there, but also an efficient converter tool. It can convert OST files to any possible email client’s format like EML, MBOX, PST or Apple mail archive. The tool does its job accurately and efficiently.

It converts bulk files using the batch strategy. The OST recovery tool preserves folder hierarchy of converted OST files. It might be the only tool which allows for allocation of size of converted OST files beforehand.

ost recovery tool

Try this OST Recovery Tool

With so much at offer, OST Extractor Pro is undoubtedly the best tool for Enterprises. Grab the ost recovery tool right now!

Convert Apple Mail to PST Using ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Convert Apple Mail to PST Using ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘, A Tool With the Best Features, Interface, and Support!

Best Tool to Convert Apple Mail to PST

Mail Extractor Pro” is the best solution that is out there to convert email data from various email clients and files to PST format for Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook. This article focuses on one of its functions and that is to convert Apple Mail to PST, but if you want, you can also convert:

  1. Apple Mail identity, main database to PST
  2. Apple Mail mailbox archive database to PST
  3. Thunderbird to PST
  4. Postbox to PST
  5. MBOX files to PST

convert apple mail to pst

Simple, But Powerful

The tool avoids the trap that generic tools often fail for. It has a sophisticated data-extraction system (including algorithms and logic) that handles the complex items inside email data. It has multiple options and controls that allow for flexibility in large projects, usually in a corporate environment. And to top it all, it has a simple interface that enables efficient interact with all of its features.

Auto Load Apple Mail Database

Most generic Apple Mail to PST converters require some data files like EMLX or MBOX files. And that’s where “Mail Extractor Pro” truly shines. It can convert MBOX to PST, but to convert Apple Mail data, it has a special feature that improves accuracy, feasibility, and speed substantially. To convert your Apple Mail database, you can choose the complete database and load it to the tool, as opposed to fiddling with EMLX or other raw data files.

Accurate Conversion

By doing that, the tool exhibits impressive level of precision over the data integrity. Much more complex items like headers, non-English text or Unicode content, MIME defined emails, and more are easily converted without losing the details, and where ordinary tools would fail miserably. You will never find anything missing or not at its original structure/location in output PST files.

All these sophistication is complemented by the simplicity that the interface has to offer. By minimizing unnecessary manual actions and through impressive abstraction of processes, the tool manages to present a very basic and natural to use interface. Even the total beginners can effectively convert Apple Mail to PST without even having a little understanding of the technical things behind email migration.

Finally, the support that backs up “Mail Extractor Pro” adds another dimension to the efficiency and ease of use that is not possible with other software applications. There is often a missing link with many solutions that is exaggerated by no support of any kind. Fortunately, “Mail Extractor Pro” doesn’t suffer from the same drawback.

Try it to Convert Apple Mail to PST

Email migration can be intimidating. But the lazily built converters or incorrect implementation of data extraction algorithms make it even worse. Try “Mail Extractor Pro” that completely overhauls the paradigm towards this process.

Download Now at

You can get a trial version to see it for yourself. The licensing packages can later activate it to the full version.

Trial version doesn’t restrict users to any features, it just limits the conversion to ten items per folders, which makes a perfect structure for them to inspect the tool’s performance up close.

To convert Apple Mail to PST file format, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.


Secure OST files against corruption and modulation today

How do you secure ost files while converting it other files formats?

Whenever the computer system is offline, it uses the ost format for storing mail files. However, this practice is unsafe for the files since the files stored in this format become inaccessible in any of these instances, hardware corruption, attack of virus and malware, and abrupt shutdown of system. Even the loss of the root Exchange files can make the data inaccessible. Thus, the need of converting ost files into pst and the need of an app like the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

secure ost files

The many benefits of using the OST Extractor Pro for data conversion

Converting data from ost format to pst, though absolutely necessary, is often stalled by people for the amount of complexities and risks involved in it. It may often result in chaos with the files becoming modulated or even going corrupt beyond repair. Using a freeware over the manual conversion method doesn’t help matters either. People require an app like the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software for ameliorating the conversion procedure and providing additional benefits as well. Its benefits are as follows:

Conversant with all kinds of data components:

The major reason of files going missing or corrupt is the tool’s inadequacy in dealing with unique content like non-English languages and Unicode components. The OST Extractor Pro has compatibility with all kinds of languages and text components. It can recognize all non-English languages, even those with double-byte characters. Also, data components like headers, metadata, attachment files, images, contacts, and calendars are all preserved perfectly by this app.

Ultimate fast speed:

No one wants to waste their time converting files one-by-one. For this reason, this tool has provided the bulk conversion feature. This feature lets clients convert hundreds of files in bulk without any interruption. Also, the client does not have to worry about the integrity of the files as they get converted. They are arranged according to hierarchy of folder and subfolder once the process is finished.

Preserves all kinds of content:

Not only does this tool preserve the various content of the files but also provides the client with the option of converting files of any given ost format they want. From Exchange version 5.0 to 2017, and from Outlook 2003 to 2016, this app can handle it all. Nor is it hindered by the size of the files. No matter how large the files have gotten with accumulation over the time, they are handled quite easily.

User-friendly GUI:

Operating this tool does not require the user to be technologically proficient. Even a novice can use it without any obstacles and manage the task perfectly. The client is not required to do anything other than choose the files they want converted or do not want converted. Once the format for the files has been chosen, the rest of the procedure is carried on its own.

A free trial version of the tool is available for people who are interested in checking out its features before buying it. Also, a client support system is available 24*7 for all kinds of enquiries.

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